Egypt solidarity activists link up with Palestine protests

An incredible 30,000 anti-war protesters took to the streets on Sunday in Vienna in the face of Israel’s latest barbarous aggression against the people of Gaza. It has been the biggest peace demonstration since the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan ten years ago. People from Austria, Turkey, Palestine, Syria, Egypt and many more demanded justice for the Palestinians and an

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Intra- and Interlingual Translation in Blackamerican Muslim Hip Hop

Sara Hakeem Grewal From: African American Review 
Volume 46, Number 1, Spring 2013 
pp. 37-54 | 10.1353/afa.2013.0023   Abstract: This article examines three main aspects of translation in the hip hop of Blackamerican Muslim hip-hop artists Mos Def and Lupe Fiasco: first, translation between Hip Hop Nation Language (HHNL) and a high register of White Mainstream English (WME) termed “academic

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Géopolitique de la traduction

Interview with Gisèle Sapiro (in French) par Lucie Campos , le 14 juillet Alors que les marchés éditoriaux s’internationalisent, la sociologie s’intéresse à la traduction des sciences humaines et sociales. Gisèle Sapiro montre les effets du croisement entre les champs académiques et éditoriaux sur les pratiques de traduction. Directrice du Centre européen de sociologie et de science politique, Gisèle Sapiro a dirigé les

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