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My interview with @theguardian about how Labour will re-write the rules to end the outsourcing racket and run our public services in the interests of the many, rather than to line the pockets of an elite few.

«كامبردج» دفاعًا عن مشرفة ريجيني: تتعرض لحملة تشويه مخزية وخطيرة

Giulio Regeni would have turned 30 today. It has been two years since his disappearance, torture & murder. A horror that led his mother to say: “On his face, I saw all the world’s evil poured on him.” - #GiulioRegeni #Giulio30 #veritapergiulioregeni

Anti-university narrative ‘politically motivated’, say UK v-cs

Labour will end the PFI rip off. We will bring services back under public control to end the waste of taxpayers’ money and insist that services are run for public good, not private profit.

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