Who do stories belong to?

Samah Selim re-maps the journey of the early Arab novel Friday, March 6, 2015 By Laura Gribbon, Jadaliyya Do stories need authors? Are texts fixed? Is adaptation a form of translation? These are some of the questions Professor Samah Selim has been considering in her study of Egyptian periodical Musamarat al-Shaab (The People’s Entertainment), and she raised them during a talk at the

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Egypt and the Future of the Corporate Grid

by Samah Selim Jadaliyya, Feb 01 2011 Many analysts have been commenting on the broader significance of the astonishing and awe-inspiring events that have swept Egypt by storm over the past six days. From Tunisia to Yemen, the Arab world is in open revolt against the sclerotic, corrupt and vicious dictatorships that have held power with the tacit support of the US

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On translating Arwa Saleh, ‘Looking for a Trace of the Present in a Trace of the Past’

BY MLYNXQUALEY on APRIL 20, 2015 Samah Selim spoke at Cairo University last Thursday, at a talk moderated by Nada Abdel Sobhi, on “Why We Transate: Some Notes on Love, Loss, and Longing.” Mona Elnamoury was there: By Mona Elnamoury In her talk at Cairo University last Thursday, Samah Selim charmed the audience with her hearty genuine talk about translation and love. Selim

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