Egypt Offered Hamas an Impossible Deal

  Antoun Issa Posted: 08/25/2014   The resumption of fighting between Israel and Hamas can be largely attributed to Egypt’s failure to broker a fair, enduring cease-fire. Egypt’s cease-fire proposal, as outlined in 11 points, was effectively a call for a return to the status quo: a besieged Gaza Strip with token, unspecified assistance to help it rebuild – the third reconstruction

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How Egypt Prolonged the Gaza War

    ARGUMENT As Israel and the Palestinians struggle to reach yet another cease-fire, the mediators in Cairo are making the conflict worse — and empowering radicals in the process. BY MICHELE DUNNE , NATHAN J. BROWN AUGUST 18, 2014 As negotiations on a lasting cease-fire in Gaza grind on in Cairo, it’s not only the animosity between Israel and

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Foucault, Fanon, Intellectuals, Revolutions

    by Anthony Alessandrini [This article is the final in a three-part Jadaliyya series that looks at Foucault’s work in relationship to the legacy of French colonialism in North Africa. Read the first and second installments here: “The Dangers of Liberalism: Foucault and Postcoloniality in France” by Diren Valayden and “Justifications of Power”: Neoliberalism and the Role of Empire by Muriam Haleh Davis.] My theoretical

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The Exceptional Egyptian Human Rights Defender Yara Sallam

Brian Dooley Become a fan Director, Human Rights First’s Human Rights Defenders Program Posted: 08/14/2014 5:59 pm EDT Human rights defenders aren’t always easy company. It’s their job to be stubborn and sure of themselves, so they’re often intense, sometimes abrasive. Yara Sallam is an exception. She’s funny, engaging, and easygoing. And she’s in jail in Cairo. She’s been there

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Who would we be if we did not speak? A letter for Yara

31 July 2014 A dream will make us fight to see it come true. An expectation will lead to passivity and probably to disappointment.”
~ Mu Sochua On June 21, 2014, in Cairo, Egypt, a 28-year old Egyptian activist Yara Sallam was arrested by the authorities for participating in a peaceful demonstration calling for the repeal of the Protest and Public

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Egypt solidarity activists link up with Palestine protests

An incredible 30,000 anti-war protesters took to the streets on Sunday in Vienna in the face of Israel’s latest barbarous aggression against the people of Gaza. It has been the biggest peace demonstration since the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan ten years ago. People from Austria, Turkey, Palestine, Syria, Egypt and many more demanded justice for the Palestinians and an

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