Egypt solidarity activists link up with Palestine protests

20140719_130058An incredible 30,000 anti-war protesters took to the streets on Sunday in Vienna in the face of Israel’s latest barbarous aggression against the people of Gaza. It has been the biggest peace demonstration since the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan ten years ago.
People from Austria, Turkey, Palestine, Syria, Egypt and many more demanded justice for the Palestinians and an end of the Israeli occupation. They were carrying Palestinian and Egyptian flags to show that the Palestinian liberation movement is inextricably linked with the Egyptian revolution. Activists were collecting signatures for Mahienour el-Massry and other revolutionaries who were imprisoned under the military regime of el-Sisi. A banner demanded “Victory to the Arab revolutions” and “Freedom for all detainees”.
In defiance of the Israeli terror the resistance of the Palestinians remains unbroken and admirable. We can win this struggle with the weapons of international solidarity. As Mahienour says in a letter from prison, “The liberation of Palestine starts with the liberation of Cairo.” In the West we put maximum pressure on our imperialist governments to stop sending money and weapons to Israel and the repressive Arab regimes.
We send our best regards to our brothers and sisters in Palestine and in the Arab world who are fighting this cruel imperialist system –  Linkswende, Austria 
In London, up to 100,000 people marched in a demonstration from Downing Street to the Israeli Embassy on 19 July. Egypt Solidarity Initiative activists gave out hundreds of leaflets on the protest and marched with a banner highlighting the connection between the struggle for freedom in Egypt and Palestine.
What you can do:
Use this leaflet if you are going to protests for Palestine