Ethics in the Translation and Interpreting Curriculum

Surveying and Rethinking the Pedagogical Landscape Report commissioned by the Higher Education Academy © Mona Baker, 2013 Contents 1. Introduction 1.1. Accountability 1.2. Professional Engagement with Ethics 1.3 Political Conflict 1.4  Technological Advances 2. Ethics in Translator and Interpreter Education and Professional Codes of Practice 3. Incorporating Ethics in the Curriculum 3.1. Conceptual Tools 3.2  Ethics Themes in Translation and

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The Prefigurative Politics of Volunteer Subtitling in the Egyptian Revolution

Professor Martha Cheung Memorial Lecture, May 2014, Hong Kong Baptist University Mona Baker, Centre for Translation & Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester The idea of prefiguration originally derived from anarchist discourse; it involves experimenting with currently available means in such a way that they come to mirror or actualize the political ideals that inform a movement, thus collapsing the traditional distinction

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Ethics of Renarration

Mona Baker is interviewed by Andrew Chesterman 2008. Cultus 1(1): 10-33. Click on the link below to download a copy of the interview. Baker Ethics of Renarration 2008 Chesterman: Your recent book Translation and Conflict. A Narrative Account (2006a) raises some interesting and important issues concerning the practice and ethics of translation and interpreting. You argue that translation is especially significant

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