Khalid Abdalla: the movie star revolutionary

  The British-born actor found success in United 93 and The Kite Runner, but has spent much of the last three years camped out in Tahrir Square Andrew Anthony Sunday 3 November 2013 When actor and political activist Khalid Abdalla was a young schoolboy, a teacher set his class the task of writing their own obituaries. It has become part

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Khalid Abdallah: Changing Frames and Fault-lines

Plenary 4   تغييــــــر الأطـــــــر وخطـــــوط الصـــــدع خالد عبد الله       Abstract The story of the Egyptian revolution carries a heavy burden. Its many tales travel across contexts and experience, within Egypt and beyond it, influencing movements and revolutions while building dreams and threatening them. Solidarity fundamentally entails sharing an interpretation of a story. How that story is

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Egyptian citizen journalism 'Mosireen' tops YouTube

  Mosireen, a media collective responsible for collating some of the most iconic videos of the Egyptian revolution, is now one of the most popular non-profit channels in the world after just four months of being on YouTube Bel Trew, Friday 20 Jan 2012   Mosireen, an Egyptian media collective of filmmakers and citizen journalists, has become the most viewed

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