Special Issue: Women, Culture, and the January 2011 Egyptian Revolution

rcuv20.v019.i02.coverSpecial Issue for Journal of Cultural Research

Volume 19, Issue 2, 2015



Anastasia Valassopoulos
pages 115-116


page 117

Introduction: Egyptian women, revolution, and protest culture

Dalia Said Mostafa
pages 118-129

Action, imagination, institution, natality, revolution

Ziad Elmarsafy
pages 130-138

Egypt’s revolution, our revolution: revolutionary women and the transnational avant-garde

Caroline Rooney
pages 139-149

Inserting women’s rights in the Egyptian constitution: personal reflections

Hala Kamal
pages 150-161

Egyptian women, revolution and the making of a visual public sphere

Fakhri Haghani
pages 162-175

A multimodal analysis of selected Cairokee songs of the Egyptian revolution and their representation of women

Nadia A. Shalaby
pages 176-198

Gender and Tahrir Square: contesting the state and imagining a new nation

Ahmed Kadry
pages 199-206

To write/to revolt: Egyptian women novelists writing the revolution

Sherine Fouad Mazloum
pages 207-220

‘Giving memory a future’: women, writing, revolution

Roger Bromley
pages 221-232


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