Measuring Live Subtitling Quality

Ofcom: Results from the Second Sampling Exercise
5 November 2014
This document is the second of four reports on the quality of live subtitling in British television programmes, based on samples drawn from live-subtitled programming broadcast in April and May 2014 by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky.
In order to address continuing complaints about the quality of live subtitling, Ofcom consulted in May 2013 on proposals to incentivise broadcasters and access service providers to identify and act upon areas for improvement. Following this consultation, Ofcom published a statement in October 2013 explaining that we would ask broadcasters to measure and report on the key dimensions of the quality of live subtitling – accuracy, latency and speed – as well as on other related issues.
This report contains an update on the progress made in by broadcasters in other areas that affect the quality of live subtitling, such the use of block subtitling. The next report is scheduled for April 2015.
Click here to download the report: QOS_second_report measuring the quality of live subtitling.