On August 14, a belated obituary for Bassem Mohsen

  Philip Rizk Thursday, August 14, 2014 – 18:33 I met Bassem Mohsen for a few moments in July 2013. He was upbeat and hopeful that the army had taken hold of power from the Muslim Brotherhood. I remember being surprised by his quick optimism. He believed that these generals were different than those who had ruled during the period

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The Exceptional Egyptian Human Rights Defender Yara Sallam

Brian Dooley Become a fan Director, Human Rights First’s Human Rights Defenders Program Posted: 08/14/2014 5:59 pm EDT Human rights defenders aren’t always easy company. It’s their job to be stubborn and sure of themselves, so they’re often intense, sometimes abrasive. Yara Sallam is an exception. She’s funny, engaging, and easygoing. And she’s in jail in Cairo. She’s been there

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Institution, Translation, Nation, Metaphor

LUCAS KLEIN Comparative Literature is defined in part by anxiety about its institutionality. Approaching translations as works of literary scholarship equivalent to our articles and monographs can address this anxiety and also work against the Herderian assumptions of national literatures. Ultimately, the comparison of comparative literature is a metaphorical process, putting it in the same process of negotiated familiarity and

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The Air Was Hot with Hysterical Nationalism

  August 14, 2014 A year after the Raba’a massacre in Cairo, one writer struggles to redraw her relationship to the city By Yasmin El-Rifae A year ago I woke up in Cairo to the news of a massacre, the second of the summer. I was subletting a friend’s apartment downtown, a beautiful place that gave me solitude above the

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Call for proposals for ARTIS collaboration in research training

  Deadline for applications: 15 September 2014 ARTIS, or Advancing Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies, is a new research training initiative in the broad area of translation and interpreting studies. The training we offer is designed to help researchers to improve their research skills and methods, to set up and manage research projects effectively, and to negotiate and apply

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Tradurre Figure / Translating Figurative Language

A cura di: Miller, Donna Rose ; Monti, Enrico (2014) Bologna: Centro di Studi Linguistico-Culturali (CeSLiC), DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/4030. In: Quaderni del CeSLiC. Atti di Convegni (3). Documento PDF Available under License Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial (CC BY-NC 3.0). 3899Kb URL ufficiale: http://www3.lingue.unibo.it/ceslic/ Abstract Tradurre Figure / Translating Figurative Language offers 30 original contributions on the interlingual translation of figurative language.

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Going East: Discovering New and Alternative Traditions in Translation (Studies)

  12-13 December 2014
 Center for Translation Studies, University of Vienna
 Gymnasiumstraße 50
1190 Vienna   Call for Papers The Center for Translation Studies at the University of Vienna is organizing a two-day symposium in December 2014 to bring together Eastern European traditions and scientific reflections on Translation (Studies). It seeks to understand how the discipline and scientific thinking on it

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International Workshop on Intralingual Translation

Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies Boğaziçi University, Istanbul 27-28 November 2014   The standard definitions of “translation” commonly refer to transfer processes from one language into another or to the end product of such a transfer. However, translation is not only an interlingual and intercultural phenomenon. Translation also occurs within the “same” linguistic and cultural domain. One example of

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Imagine you are a Palestinian academic or a student

Nazmi Al-Masri on August 12, 2014 Over the one-year period from July 2013 to July 2014, I was supposed to participate in six international academic conferences and meetings as a partner in four international projects: three EU-funded projects (two from Erasmus-Mundus, one Tempus) and one British Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded project. Because of the siege and the current war, I

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