After Abu Ghraib

From the archive (legacy material) Huda Alawazi | The Guardian | 20/9/2004 Huda Alazawi was one of the few women held in solitary in the notorious Iraqi prison. Following her release, she talks for the first time to Luke Harding about her ordeal It began with a phone call. In November last year 39-year-old Huda Alazawi, a wealthy Baghdad

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NYC Protests Sharon Rally at Baruch College

From the archive (legacy material) Genug | NYC Indeymedia | May 22, 2005 A group of Jewish community human rights activists descended in protest on a highly-touted rally today featuring Israeli PM Ariel Sharon. Crying “Stop the mishegos [craziness], end the occupation!” the activists asked the crowd of executives of major Jewish organizations: “which of you will represent the

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