Routledge Critical Studies in Religion and Translation


About the Series


Routledge Critical Studies in Religion and Translation is a new book series intended to advance original interdisciplinary research at the intersection of the study of religion and translation studies. Books in this series formulate translation as a key interpretative mode that shapes and transforms the contents, purpose and function of a text, practice or phenomenon perceived as religious. This constitutive role of translation has potential to invigorate religious studies to study the construction, transmission and perpetuation of the ‘sacred’ from fresh perspectives. Authors are invited to engage with translation as a key concept and method in the study of religions or examine particular religion(s) in-depth within this critical framework.

Proposals for single or co-authored monographs and edited volumes are invited from scholars in religious studies, translation studies, comparative literature, anthropology, area studies, art history, philosophy or any other related discipline. Key topics the series explores are:

  • Investigating translation as an act of thought: e.g. the relationship between translation and the nature of philosophy, religion, theology; translation as a modelling of reality; translation as an interface between the material and immaterial
  • The role of translation in the history of religion(s)
  • Authority and censorship in relation to translation
  • Translation beyond texts: the translation of ritual practices; material culture, sacred object; sound; virtual/digital religion and spaces
  • Intellectual or activist translation movements: Feminism’s engagement with sacred translation; eco-translation, the Anthropocene and religions
  • The reception of translated sacred texts: re-translations, institutions, ‘insider’/’outsider’ translators
  • Pedagogy: Teaching About Translation & Religion

Please send book proposals to:

Dr. Arvind Pal Mandair:

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