Methods and Visualization Tools for the Analysis of Medical, Political and Scientific Concepts in Genealogies of Knowledge


Saturnino Luz & Shane Sheehan

Available Open Access, at

Published Online March 2020, in Special Issue: Genealogies of Knowledge


An approach to establishing requirements and developing visualization tools for scholarly work is presented which involves, iteratively: reviewing published methodology, in situ observation of scholars at work, software prototyping, analysis of scholarly output produced with the support of text visualization software, and interviews with users. This approach is embodied by the software co-designed by researchers working on the Genealogies of Knowledge project. This paper describes our co-design methodology and the resulting software, presenting case studies demonstrating its use in test analyses, and discussing methodological implications in the context of the Genealogies of Knowledge corpus-based approach to the study of medical, scientific, and political concepts.

This research was conducted as part of the Genealogies of Knowledge project, and supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council Grant Reference AH/M010007/1.