IATIS Call for Volunteer English-into-Chinese Translators


Dear all,

IATIS (the International Association of Translation and Intercultural Studies) is currently looking for Translation Studies scholars willing to undertake volunteer English-into-Chinese (繁體中文/complex characters) translations for translating the abstracts of its 6th international conference (Hong Kong, July 2018) in an innovative online environment.

To facilitate the coordination and the translation of hundreds of abstracts, IATIS has launched a partnership with TraduXio (a web-based platform of collaborative and multilingual translation). If you are a translation scholar or student and have English-into-Chinese (繁體中文/complex characters) translation skills and you would like to co-develop our nascent translation platform, please submit the following form here:

We are aiming for a 4 abstracts load per volunteer.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards

The IATIS-TraduXio team


Julie Boéri (Chair of Conference Committee, IATIS)

Enseignante-chercheuse en Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication
Agrégée d’espagnol & Traductrice-interprète assermentée
Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis