Ragusa and Montalbano: Translating Camilleri’s regionalised voices in AVT

Ragusa, 19 – 20 October 2017

The literary translation of Camilleri’s series of detective stories featuring Inspector Montalbano are the subject of annual seminars (2013-2016) organised by the University of Cagliari. The forthcoming  conference, Ragusa and Montalbano: translating Camilleri’s regionalised voices in AVT,  is also  a response to those studies and research. However, Montalbano’s global fame is undeniably closely linked to the incredible success of the television series produced by Palomar for RAI TV. Ever since its first season in 1999, Montalbano/Zingaretti’s success has equally been the success of Ragusa, and the Ibleo territory in general. The University of Catania’s School of Foreign Languages and Literatures situated in Ragusa Ibla aims to foster in-depth explorations on the theme of Montalbano, that  pivot around three main areas of research:
1) Audiovisual translation
Possible themes:
Culture-bound words;
The language of Catarella;
Translation of linguistic varieties;
Voice-over and regionalisms;
Dubbing practices, diction and regional vocalisation;
Accessibility and identity;
Taboo words and swear words, translational strategies and solutions.
Keynote speakers:
Federico Federici (University College London, UK)
Christine Heiss (Università degli Studi di Bologna-Forlì, IT)*
Marie-Noëlle Guillot (University of East Anglia, UK)
Césareo Calvo Rigual (Universidad de Valencia, SP)
*In memoriam Rosa Maria Bollettieri e Giovanni Nadiani
2) Cinetourism (Cinema, tourism and territory)
Possible themes:
Audiovisual products as promotors of territory, culture, and tourism;
Film Commissions and Territory;
Real identity and cinematographic location;
Tourism and sustainability.
Keynote speaker:
Alessandro Rais  (General Manager of the Special Department for Cinema and Audiovisual products – Region of Sicily)
3) Montalbano and the Italian ‘Detective’ literary tradition
Possible themes:
Camilleri’s Detective novels contextualised within the history of the Italian ‘giallo’: recurring themes and innovations;
Narrative structures of Camilleri’s Detective stories;
The characters system in Camilleri’s Detective stories;
Time, space and narrative discourse in Camilleri’s Detective stories;
Representation of places in Camilleri’s Detective stories;
Camilleri’s generation:  novels and Detective stories inspired by Camilleri.
Keynote speaker:
Mauro Novelli (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Proposal submission:
Abstracts of  maximum 300 words to be sent to Massimo Sturiale (msturial@unict.it) and Giuseppe Traina (gtraina@unict.it), by 31 March 2017.
Notification of acceptance will be sent by 30 April 2017
Conference registration:
Registration fee includes two lunches, the social dinner, coffee breaks and the conference programme.
Registration costs:
By 30 June 2017:   100 euros.
By 30 September 2017:  150 euros.
Conference website: http://www.sdslingue.unict.it/montalbano
Conference languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish