War and Culture Studies in 2016: Putting ‘Translation’ into the Transnational?

HFootitt-scaledDOI: 10.1080/17526272.2016.1192421

Hilary Footitt, Journal of War and Culture Studies, 2016
Published online: 29 Jun 2016


The first issue of the ‘Journal of War and Culture Studies’ in 2008 mapped out the academic space which the discipline sought to occupy. Nearly a decade later, the location of war, traditionally associated with the nation-state, is being challenged in ways which arguably affect the analytical spaces of War and Culture Studies. The article argues for a reconceptualization of the location of war as broader in both spatial and temporal terms than the nation-state. It identifies local ‘contact zones’ which are multivocal translational spaces, and calls for an incorporation of ‘translation’ into our analyses of war: translating identities, including associations of the material as well as of subjective identities, and espousing a conscious interdisciplinarity which might lead us to focus more on the performative than the representational. The article calls for the discipline of translation studies to become a leading contributor to War and Culture Studies in the years to come.
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War and Culture Studies in 2016 Putting Translation into the Transnational