Critical Link 8 in Edinburgh

Critical-Link-8-HomeCritical Link 8 will be hosted by The Centre for Translation & Interpreting Studies in Scotland (CTISS), Heriot-Watt University, at the Edinburgh Conference Centre.
From around the world, the conference will bring together all community/public service interpreting and translation stakeholders: community and public sector representatives, employers, developers of tools and technologies, policy makers, practitioners, professional bodies, researchers, service users, trainers and educators, TICS (translation, interpreting & communication support) service providers, and other interested parties to build on progress made to date in order to move forward.
The overarching theme of the conference is Critical LinkS – a new generation. The aim is to explore future-proofing community/public service Interpreting and translating: to investigate working together across professional, geographic, user-group and language communities; to investigate coping with current and emerging constraints (e.g. economic, environmental, geographic, legal, linguistic, social…); and to investigate working with and through technology. There will also be a spotlight on “the interpreter/translator of tomorrow”.
There will be several key strands. Policy: in the widest sense and from the perspective of all stakeholders. Practice: exploring the landscape of community/public service interpreting and translation, and the evolving nature of needs and solutions. Pedagogy: exploring education and training provision, practice and resources. Price: exploring quality, challenges, and costs and benefits in human and social terms, as well as economic. Plus: focusing on innovation, and on new and emerging issues. These strands will be interwoven through the sessions and the settings in which interpreting and translating feature.
In addition, topic areas will focus on fields such as: legal, police and courtroom, medical, mental health, education, social and welfare, as well as more specific topics related to asylum and immigration, domestic violence and interpreting in conflict zones, etc. The conference will also be open to practitioners working in para-translation and para-interpreting fields.
It should be noted that sign language interpreting sits alongside spoken language interpreting in this conference. Presentations may be in English, British Sign Language and International Sign.*
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