Aspects of Translation Theory and Translating Theory

By George Ho

Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbruecken, Germany
Published 2016
ISBN: 978-3-6598-2262-9; € 67,90
The detachment of theory from practice has been criticized by translating practitioners; yet little improvement has been made. This book addresses the problem by reinvestigating the system of translation. Based on Daoist dialectics, the author introduces a dual system: translation theory and translating theory. The former concentrates on the abstract and macro aspects while the latter on the practical and micro ones. In professional translating, the depth of knowledge plays a crucial role. The book dedicates a whole chapter on their relationship. In order to demystify the ‘black box’ of the translating process, a cognitive investigation is carried out. A paradigm called FAST (fluency, accuracy, speed and tradesmanship) is proposed for professional translating practice. The second half of the book tackles issues related to translating of technical and legal documents, as well as menus and poetry. The book is of an interdisciplinary nature, targeting readers who are interested in translation and translating, cognitive linguistics, formulaic language theory, communication studies, knowledge studies, experience and expertise studies, information theory, and intercultural studies.