Translation Studies Doctoral and Teacher Training Summer School

fotogalerija-nove_2010-piran-piran-peninsula_01CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS
STRIDON Translation Studies Doctoral and Teacher Training Summer School
27 June – 8 July 2016, Piran, Slovenia
Guest Lecturer 2016: Professor Brian James Baer, Kent State University
STRIDON Translation Studies Doctoral Summer School and Teacher Training Summer School is a joint initiative by 5 different universities (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; Boğaziçi University, Turkey; University of Turku and University of East Finland, Finland; University of Granada, Spain) and focuses, in particular, on contemporary research into literary and non-literary works from a historical perspective, and on providing training for teachers at MA level.
Participation will be limited to a maximum of 15 individuals; particularly welcome are doctoral students in the early stages of their projects, teachers of translation at MA level or its equivalent and other academics, as well as professionals who are involved in research in translation and interpreting studies or in other doctoral fields where translation, interpreting or intercultural mediation is a focus of interest.
Basic activities at the Summer School:

  1. a) Critical discussion of the most current approaches to translation theory, paying particular attention to contemporary research into literary and non-literary works from a historical perspective.
  2. b) Presentation and critical discussion of different methodological approaches in TS, focusing in particular on researching the translation of literary and non-literary texts in historical TS from the perspective of historical and sociological studies, or through the use of ethnological approaches.
  3. c) A series of lectures by the guest lecturer.
  4. d) Teacher-training in the field of translator training, with a particular emphasis on curriculum and syllabus design, definition of objectives and learning outcomes, trainee and trainer profiles, ICT resources, classroom dynamics and assessment.
  5. e) Tutorials for doctoral students and young researchers.
  6. f) A graduate conference.
  7. g) A possibility of publication in a peer-reviewed collective volume.

Teaching Staff:
Dr. Özlem Berk Albachten, Boğaziçi University, Turkey
Dr. Yves Gambier, Turku University, Finland
Dr. Tamara Mikolič Južnič, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Dr. Dorothy Kelly, University of Granada, Spain
Dr. Nike K. Pokorn, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Dr. Kaisa Koskinen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Dr. Outi Paloposki, Turku University, Finland
Publication: participants shall be invited to submit an article to be refereed and published in a collective volume. (See previous publications at:
Expenses: Students will be responsible for their own airfare and local transportation to and from Piran.
The whole fee for the Summer School is 1160€. It covers:

  1. a) registration fee (200 €)
  2. b) tuition fee (550 €)
  3. c) accommodation for 13 days (from Sunday to Saturday), one hot meal on weekdays, and other costs (course materials etc.) (410 €)

A limited number of partial bursaries will be available to applicants who demonstrate need and meritAny applicant wishing to be considered for a bursary must ensure that a bursary request accompanies their application to the school.
Application Deadline: March 15, 2016
Website: For the application procedure and more details of the school please visit the website at: or write to