Inttranews “Linguists of the Year” for 2016 donate Prize Money to Solidarités International

330_5694ba5967c70_Mona_BakerRelease Date | 2016-01-19

Professor Mona Baker et al, elected by the readers of Inttranews as their “Linguists of the Year” for 2016, for “Translating Dissent: Voices from and with the Egyptian Revolution”, have donated the prize money to Solidarités International.

Professor Mona Baker et al, elected by the readers of Inttranews as their “Linguists of the Year” for 2016, for “Translating Dissent: Voices from and with the Egyptian Revolution”, a unique volume of essays on the importance of translation in our time, have donated the prize Money to Solidarités International.
Each year the winner of the Inttranews “Linguists of the Year” Award is invited to select the charitable organization or NGO to which the prize money is to be donated. The total amount of the donations by sponsors to the awards prize money this year was EUR 1,000.
For Professor Baker, “Solidarités International is an ideal choice as a recipient of the value of an award won by an activist project and involving contributors who have been heavily engaged in protest movements. The volume itself is about global solidarity and intended as an act of solidarity in its own right.”
SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is particularly honored to have been designated to receive the prize money awarded to Mona Baker in that the translation of our documents is of paramount importance. The association and its teams would like to thank Professor Baker for this gesture of solidarity towards the most vulnerable people that our teams have been supporting each day in twenty countries around the world for more than 35 years.
Renaud Douci, Director of Communications and Development for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL
About Solidarités International
For over 35 years, the humanitarian aid organization Solidarités International has been committed to providing aid in the event of conflict and natural disasters. Its mission is to provide aid as quickly and as efficiently as possible to endangered populations by meeting their vital needs: drinking water, food and shelter.
About “Translating Dissent: Voices from and with the Egyptian Revolution”
Further information on the volume and contributors is available at, under ‘Translating Dissent’.
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Further details on the results of this year’s vote can be seen here:
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