Don’t Mess with a Hijabi: An Interview with the Creator of “Qahera”

Qahera, a webcomic by Deena Mohamed. - See more at:
Muftah , September 23rd, 2013

In Muftah’s on-going podcast series, we speak with Deena Mohamed, the creator of Qahera, a hijabi super-heroine who combats Islamophobia and misogyny. Since publishing the first iteration of Qahera in June of 2013, Deena has received an overwhelmingly positive response to the comic strip, which is published in both English and Arabic.
A look at some of the Qahera comic strips created so far makes clear that this hijabi superheroine is challenging perceptions about Islam, women, and the hijab, and breaking down cultural, social, and gender-based assumptions inside and outside the Middle East.
In this podcast, we speak to Deena about how she developed the idea for Qahera, the factors that are important to developing Qahera’s style and appearance, why she decided to create a bilingual strip, the power of art in breaking down stereotypes, among other topics.
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To get the latest installment of Qahera, follow the strip’s Facebook page.