ARTIS event @ HKBU 2016 Call for Papers


Researching Collaborative Translation: An International Symposium

Centre for Translation, Hong Kong Baptist University

7-8 April 2016


**Deadline for submission of abstracts extended to 15 September 2015**
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Title and abstract of the keynote speech by Dr Julie McDonough Dolmaya (York University, Canada) as well as the title of the lectures by Prof Mona Baker (University of Manchester) and Dr Robert Neather (Hong Kong Baptist University) are as below:
Keynote Speaker
Dr Julie McDonough Dolmaya (York University, Canada)
Title: Plugging the Gaps in Collaborative Translation Research
Translation has long been a collaborative activity, but technology has led to changes in how that collaboration takes place, allowing larger networks of translators to work together on massive, online texts. So how has our concept of collaboration changed over time? What have been the aims of research into collaborative translation? Inspired by Julio-César Santoyo’s 2006 article “Blank Spaces in the History of Translation”, this presentation will briefly consider the existing state of research into collaborative translation before examining the current gaps in our knowledge. More specifically, it will ask the following: What questions still need answers? What methodological challenges will we face when trying to find these answers? How can we overcome these challenges by drawing on research methods in translation studies and beyond?
About the Speaker:
Julie McDonough Dolmaya teaches in the School of Translation at York University in Toronto, Canada. Her most recent research has examined translation in digital spaces, including translation trends in Wikipedia, and the ethical issues inherent in crowdsourcing. She has published articles on these and other topics in Meta, The Translator, Translation Studies, Target, and others. Since 2011, she has been the Review Editor of the Interpreter and Translator Trainer, and since 2009, the Secretary of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies. She blogs about her teaching and research at
Other Speakers
Prof Mona Baker (University of Manchester, UK)
Title: The Individual and/vs the Collective: Researching Collaborative Translation in the Context of Contemporary Protest
Dr Robert Neather (Hong Kong Baptist University, HK)
Title: Conceptualizing Collaboration: Methodological Issues in the Study of Religious Translation Communities