Overview of L'Abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze, avec Claire Parnet

Gilles Deleuze’s ABC Primer, with Claire Parnet, Directed by Pierre-André Boutang (1996)
Full reference to published set of DVDs:
Deleuze, Giles (1996/2011) Gilles Deleuze from A-Z, with Claire Parnet, directed by Pierre-André Boutang, translated by Charles J. Stivale, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
Overview prepared by Charles J. Stivale, Romance Languages & Literatures, Wayne State University
A as in Animal, B as in ‘Boire’ <Drink>, C as in Culture, D as in Desire, E as in ‘Enfance’ <Childhood>, F as in Fidelity, G as in ‘Gauche’ <Left>, H as in History of Philosophy, I as in Idea, J as in Joy, K as in Kant, L as in Literature, M as in ‘Maladie’ <Illness>, N as in Neurology, O as in Opera, P as in Professor, Q as in Question, R as in Resistance, S as in Style, T as in Tennis, U as in ‘Un’/One, V as in ‘Voyage’/Trip, W as in Wittgenstein, X,Y as unknown, Z as in Zigzag 
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