CALL FOR PAPERS: Women in Translation

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A lot of research has been done on women in translation since Lori Chamberlain wrote “Gender and the Metaphorics of Translation” in 1988 and argued that writing was marked “to be original and ‘masculine’ and translation “to be derivative and ‘feminine’” (254). Women’s work as translators has been revalorized, women writers are being translated, women translators appear more often in fiction and gender issues in translation have raised a lot of interest among translators and scholars. Canadian feminist theories of translation, in particular, have been recognized by international scholars in translation studies thanks to the disseminating work of scholars like Sherry Simon and Luise von Flotow. This is an ongoing process and much more needs to be done in non-western cultures and traditions to discover women translators in history, to recognize their work today and to transcend the binary separating writing and translating along gender lines.
We invite practitioners and scholars to submit translations and articles dealing with this topic. We are particularly interested in underrepresented women’s writing and translating as well as texts or studies of texts that experiment with issues of gender (and/or genre), revisionist translations and translators, studies that deal with questions of female subjectivity, self-translation, grammatical gender, translation between gendered and non-gendered languages, and more.
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