The Relevance of Translation and Interpreting – Past, Present and Future

Talking to the World 2 Banner_large size 2_20141216Talking to the World 2 (TTTW-II)
International Conference for Translation and Interpreting Studies
10-11 September 2015
Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Following the success of the first Talking to the World Conference in 2013, we are pleased to announce this call for papers for the second Talking to the World conference on The Relevance of Translation and Interpreting – Past, Present and Future, which will take place at Newcastle University, UK, on 10-11 September 2015.

Communication is more likely to be relevant when it is contextualized. As forms of communication, translation and interpreting take place in various contexts for various purposes. One challenge facing translators and interpreters today is how they locate themselves in communication where contextual information is shared or must be provided and how they locate themselves in the wider real world where contexts are constantly created, negotiated and re-created. 

Translators and interpreters have demonstrated their relevance in post-conflict reconciliation and prosperity in history. Their role is even more relevant in today’s world. With the interests in emerging markets growing, a new world order in the making, and the threat from extreme climate change, there are bigger demands for high-calibre translators and interpreters who are well equipped to break communication barriers in seeking solutions and safe-guarding common interests of all people and countries. This expectation encourages us to contemplate the challenges facing translator and interpreter education around the world. With this in mind, this conference has ‘relevance’ as its central theme. We will discuss issues such as how a Relevance Theory perspective shapes our understanding of translation and/or interpreting (‘T&I’) practice, how T&I has political, social, economic and legal effects, and how T&I and its pedagogy is affected by political, social, economic, legal, and advanced technological developments in the wider world. 

We welcome papers that explore and address these related issues in all areas, forms and modes of T&I. Discussions may take place within (but are not limited to) the following sub-themes: 

• T&I training and pedagogy
• T&I history
• T&I professionalism and practice
• T&I literature and culture
• T&I technology
• T&I conflict and climate change

Future developments and emerging markets in T&I

We welcome proposals for conference papers and poster presentations (including PhD work in progress). The deadline for proposals is 20 February 2015, and should include a title, an abstract of 250–300 words, affiliation, and a 100-word brief biographical note. Decisions on accepted proposals will be given by 20 March 2015. 

Please click to download the proposal template for submitting your proposal via email to Miss Lucy Brickwood (, the Conference Administrator.

The conference sponsor Televic is a global technology company which supplies a wide range of technological solutions to various sectors and industries, including higher education institutions and international organisations. Working closely with Televic at Newcastle University, we realise the great benefits of combining technology expertise with academic research for future development in both business and pedagogical applications.

You are warmly invited to join us and our internationally renowned keynote speakers at the “Talking to the World” conference on 10-11 September 2015. Please click Registration to register your place to attend the conference.