The Arab whodunnit: crime fiction makes a comeback in the Middle East

  The neo-noir revolution in the Arab world might be seen as nostalgic, but it allows writers to act as ombudsmen in the current political climate Jonathan Guyer Friday 3 October 2014 From Baghdad to Cairo, a neo-noir revolution has been creeping across the Middle East. The revival of crime fiction since the upheavals started in 2011 should not come

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Found in Translation

Netizens cry foul when a new Chinese media outlet selectively translates an Economist cover article. By BETHANY ALLEN-EBRAHIMIAN SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 On July 22, a glossy new Chinese media venture known as the Paper announced its launch to much fanfare. A subset of Shanghai’s state-run Oriental Morning Post with outside investment estimated at $32 million, the Paper seems to be a venture into state-funded public service journalism. The timing is

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