Translation: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Edited by Juliane House

Print Pub Date: August 2014
DOI: 10.1057/9781137025487
ebook ISBNs: 9781137025487 PDF / 9781137025494 EPUB
Print ISBNs: 9781137025463 / HB 9781137025494
Pages: 290 pp
Translation: A Multidisciplinary Approach provides readers with exciting new insights into the cross-linguistic and cross-cultural practice of translation – a field of rapidly growing international importance. World-renowned experts address the subject from a variety of different perspectives, viewing translation as social action and intercultural communication, as a phenomenon of languages in contact and as a socio-cognitive process. The volume presents up-to-date discussions of important issues such as the evaluation of translations, the question of ethics in translation, translation as re-narration, literary translation, the role of corpora and New Media in translation, and translation in the context of language learning and teaching.

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables
Notes on Contributors

Chapter 1. Introduction

Juliane House

Chapter 2. Translation and Equivalence

Monika Krein-Kühle

Chapter 3. Discourse and Translation – A Social Perspective

Ian Mason

Chapter 4. Chinese Discourse on Translation as Intercultural Communication: The Story of jihe (幾何)

Martha P. Y. Cheung

Chapter 5. Cross-Cultural Pragmatics and Translation: The Case of Museum Texts as Interlingual Representation

Marie-Noëlle Guillot

Chapter 6. Translations as a Locus of Language Contact

Svenja Kranich

Chapter 7. Reorienting Translation Studies: Cognitive Approaches and the Centrality of the Translator

Sandra L. Halverson

Chapter 8. Literary Translation

Cees Koster

Chapter 9. Translation as Re-narration

Mona Baker

Chapter 10. Corpora in Translation

Federico Zanettin

Chapter 11. Translation and New(s) Media: Participatory Subtitling Practices in Networked Mediascapes

Luis Pérez-González
Chapter 12. The Role of Translation in Language Learning and Teaching
H. G. Widdowson

Chapter 13. Translation Quality Assessment: Past and Present


Juliane House