Call for Papers: Ideological Manipulation in Audiovisual Translation

Special Issue of Altre Modernità – Rivista di studi letterarie e culturali

Some of the most crucial developments in translation studies, in the last three decades, have taken place in the field of audiovisual translation (AVT) making it rapidly gravitate from the margins to the centre of academic endeavour in translation. The initial studies on AVT tended to focus on technical and linguistic issues, usually from a descriptive perspective, but more recently academic enquiry in this field has widened in scope by encompassing the socio-cultural and ideological dimensions.

The aim of this special issue is precisely to build up on these new developments by bringing together a set of contributions with a strong focus on topics relating to censorship and manipulation, and more generally to any ideological – although not necessarily political – handling of translation of audiovisual programmes for media such as cinema, television and internet.

Translation is not, and has never been, an innocent activity and the manipulation of audiovisual texts has taken place over the times and continues to be rife, irrespective of the political and cultural regimes that happen to be in power. As active agents in the transmission of social values and ideas, translators become a force of cultural and political evolution, a catalyst for deviations or compliance motivated by ideological motives that the translation scholar is called to unmask.

This special issue welcomes different approaches to the topic of ideological manipulation in AVT. It would ideally cover the vast array of genres pertaining to the audiovisual realm (films, news, documentaries, religious programmes, videogames…) as well as the different translation modes typical of this field (subtitling, dubbing, voiceover, accessibility…), investigating productive intersections with other ideologically charged disciplines such as religion, race, gender, feminism, gay and queer studies, and politics.

We invite papers on subjects from any period or cultural/linguistic context that consider but are not limited to the following areas of investigation in AVT:

–          Translation of LGBT films and other audiovisual works

–          Ideological manipulation beyond Europe

–          Ideological manipulation in different historical periods

–          Intersection between AVT and other areas of research on ideology

–          Ideological translation of language varieties

–          Conflicting ideologies and ideological clashes in translation

–          Rewriting as an ideological process

–          Dealing with ethical issues in AVT

–          Reflections and portrayals of the other in AVT

–          Ideological translation of religious programmes

–          Transcreating audiovisual programmes and videogames with ideological intent

Submission Procedure:

 Abstract deadline: 16 November 2014. Abstracts should be max 250 words (excluding references) and include title of the paper, name of the author and affiliation. A brief bio sketch of no more than 80 words should be also included.

 Notification of acceptance: 1st December 2014.

Completed paper deadline: 12 April 2015.

Language: English.

Length of articles: max 7,500 words.

Submitted papers should not have been previously published, nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

All submitted articles will be subject to peer-reviewing.