Tusaaji No. 3: Vectors of Exchange


Call for Papers

Albeit at times veiled or covert, translation is a critical site to trace the routes and flows of cultural and symbolic circulation and exchange. However intertwined, and even aligned, with the workings of the political and other fields of the social, the cartographies of translation often operate with relative autonomy, creating and responding to the dynamics of the cultural field in its specificity. What is, then, exchanged in a through translation? What is deemed worth translating, or considered translatable or untranslatable? What are the goods, meanings, narratives, relations, that are transacted through acts of translation? What are the directionalities of these exchanges and what does the directionality of translation signal? What do these directionalities tell us about the economies of symbolic exchange? What is produced—what spaces, what communities—in and through translation events? What vectors does translation follow and reproduce? Which ones does it create? In addition to vectors, what other formations or figures can be useful to make sense visually of translation flows and their resulting configurations?
In this issue of Tusaaji we seek to investigate translation flows as vectors of exchange that flow within, from, and into the Americas. We invite papers in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, or any other language of the Americas, that deal with this issue’s theme from a hemispheric focus. We seek contributions from various contexts, fields, and perspectives, and addressing such issues as colonial and decolonial practices, border thinking, historiography, critiques of globality, and others. In addition to scholarly articles, we also invite submissions of visual art and of translations in any genre, and from/into any of the languages of the journal.
Deadline:  September 15, 2014.
Submissions can be sent directly through the website of  Tusaaji: A Translation Review   http://pi.library.yorku.ca/ojs/index.php/tusaaji , or directly to the journal editor at tusaaji@yorku.ca
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