Questionnaire on Joint Projects with Israeli Academic Institutions: Results

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Union of Al-Quds University Teachers and Employees | Union of Al-Quds University Teachers and Employees | March 2005

Towards the end of the first semester of the academic year 2004-2005, the Union of Teachers and Employees of Al-Quds University conducted a survey of opinions of a representative sample of teachers and employees regarding normalization with Israeli academic institutions, particularly since joint Palestinian-Israeli academic collaboration has been the source of considerable controversy among Palestinian and international academics. The survey sample comprised 184 academic and administrative staff members.
Those surveyed were asked whether they approve or disapprove of the following statements on joint Palestinian-Israeli academic projects:
(1) Joint projects with Israelis conflict with the boycott endorsed by Palestinian and international academics.
Agree: 76.1%
Disagree: 12.2%
Don’t know: 11.7%
(2) Joint projects largely serve the interests of the Israeli side.
Agree: 75.6%
Disagree: 14.4%
Don’t know: 10%
(3) Joint projects harm the Palestinian cause in the current circumstances.
Agree: 75.1%
Disagree: 14.1%
Don’t know: 10.7%
(4) Joint cooperation needs a national [political] cover.
Agree: 69.5%
Disagree: 18.1%
Don’t know: 12.4%
(5) I oppose cooperation with Israelis on principle because it harms our national interests.
Agree: 73.1%
Disagree: 21.1%
Don’t know: 5.4%
(6) Cooperation with Israelis yields scientific benefits to me.
Agree: 31.3%
Disagree: 53.1%
Don’t know: 15.6%
(7) Cooperation with Israeli academics yields financial benefits to me.
Agree: 12.9%
Disagree: 66.3%
Don’t know: 20.8%
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