Hi-tech firm boycotts Israel over 'war crimes'

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Ehud Kenan | ynetnews | 27 September 2006

Belgian hi-tech company specializing in development consulting notifies manager of Israeli company seeking cooperation that ‘your country has conducted war crimes and is an apartheid regime’
Following the recent war in Lebanon, Ynet has received several complaints from Israeli companies that have encountered refusal of companies from various countries to cooperate with Israelis because of the war.
Avner, an Israeli businessman specializing in product management and consulting approached a Belgian company in hopes of business cooperation.
The company, U2U, refused to cooperate with the Israeli businessman because of what they called “Israel’s war crimes and apartheid regime.”
U2U manager Wim Yotrasprot wrote in a statement to Avner obtained by Ynet that “I appreciate your interest in my company, but after the devastating and inhumane war crimes Israel perpetrated in Lebanon, and because of the apartheid regime it rules on Palestine, U2U does not wish to tie itself with Israeli products.”
‘Europe also suffers from terrorism’
“I hope that the political situation in your country will radically change and will be based on peace and respect to non-Jewish cultures,” he added. Despite the anger, Yotrasprot signed the letter with “best wishes.”
Avner approached them once more, and said that the response was disrespectful and unprofessional and tried to appeal to Yotrasprot’s logic. In a letter, Avner asked him not to believe everything he sees on television or reads in the newspapers. “Israel is a democracy surrounded by dictatorial states. Even Europe suffers from terrorism,” Avner said.
“I told him that Israel is a technological hub and that many of the Microsoft products which he uses are developed here in Haifa,” Avner added. Ynet was unable obtain a response from U2U.