SF Chronicle' Reporter Says He Was Fired

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Associated Press | Editor & Publisher Online | 25 April 2003

SAN FRANCISCO — (AP) A San Francisco Chronicle reporter who was arrested while participating in an anti-war demonstration last month said he has been fired for falsifying his timesheet.
Henry Norr, who covered technology and wrote a weekly column for the Chronicle, said he was fired on Monday.
Norr was suspended without pay after his arrest. The day before the March 20 demonstration, Norr said he sent an e-mail to his supervisor that said he planned to participate and expected to be arrested.
Norr said he took sick leave for the day of work missed, which the Chronicle determined was a falsification. Norr is contesting the termination through his union, the Northern California Media Workers/Newspaper Guild.
“I was sick. I was heartsick. I was nauseated and I was depressed by the lies, arrogance, and manipulation,” he said.
Joe Brown, a Chronicle spokesman, said the paper could not comment on pending personnel issues.
On April 2, the paper’s top editors sent an e-mail clarifying its policy on staff participation in political activity. The e-mail, citing “our responsibility as journalists,” said newsroom staffers were prohibited from participating in public political activity related to the war.
Previously, the policy said that staff members who become involved in a political cause should be careful not to create the appearance of a conflict of interest.