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Bar-Ilan University | University Web Site | December 2002

Comment: this is an example of the extensive involvement of Israeli academic institutions in perpetuating and legitimising the occupation and dispossession of Palestinians. Some of the regional colleges referred to below are built on illegal settlements (Ariel, for instance), and references to Judea and Sumaria betray the commitment of Bar-Ilan to the Zionist project (these are Zionist names for the West Bank).
For more information write or phone:
Office of Admissions
Bar-Ilan University
Ramat Gan 52900, Israel
Tel: 972-3-531-8520, 531-8526
Or write, telephone or fax the regional colleges directly:
Ashkelon Regional College,
POB 9071, 480 Simtat Berger, Ashkelon, Israel
Tel: 972-7-671-2881 Fax: 972-7-671-0266
Judea & Samaria College,
POB 3, Ariel, D.N.Efraim 44824, Israel
Tel: 972-3-906-5101/2 Fax: 972-3-936-5901
Jordan Valley College,
Tzemach, D.N. Emek Hayarden 15132, Israel
Tel: 972-6-677-3750 Fax: 972-6-677-3757
Safed College,
POB 160, 11 Jerusalem St., Safed 13206, Israel
Tel: 972-4-692-7777 Fax: 972-4-692-1068
Western Galilee College,
D.N. Ashrat 25200, Israel
Tel: 972-4-981-1689 Fax: 972-4-981-1694
Bar-Ilan was the first of all of Israel’s universities to recognize the need for regional colleges, instituting its first two colleges at Tzemach and Safed over 29 years ago. Aside from the main campus at Ramat Gan, Bar-Ilan now supervises five regional colleges situated throughout the country, facilitating a total of over 5,000 students this year.
Bar-Ilan’s domain runs from Safed College in the north to Western Galilee College in the western Galilee near Acre to Jordan Valley College at Tzemah and Judea and Samaria College at Ariel in the heart of the country, and Ashkelon Regional College in the south. The colleges serve their neighboring populations, offering degrees in a variety of subjects.
Students have the option of choosing between two B.A. degree programs. The multidisciplinary studies program is designed around a specialty subject, along with a secondary subject, required basic subjects and courses in Jewish studies and is conducted entirely at the college. The major studies program is identical to the B.A. program offered at the Bar-Ilan campus with one difference — the first two years of study are at the college, while the third (last) year is completed at the Bar-Ilan main campus.
The multidisciplinary studies program offers courses in the faculties of social sciences, Jewish studies and humanities. The major studies program provides courses from most of the university’s departments with the exception of classes in natural sciences and law which are conducted only on Bar-Ilan’s main campus.
Admission requirements for the multidisciplinary studies program are less stringent than for the major studies program, thus enabling students with somewhat lower grades the opportunity to receive a university degree. For instance, students with a 75 “bagrut” (matriculation) average need not take the psychometric examination in order to be admitted to the multidisciplinary program. As long as these students maintain this grade average, they can complete their college studies and receive a Bar-Ilan B.A. degree.
Admission procedures, address and telephone number for both programs are the same as for application for a B.A. at Bar-Ilan University. See Admissions and Application Information .
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