Ethical Reflections on Activist Film Making and Activist Subtitling

Salma El-Tarzi Translated by Robin Moger This essay reflects on a number of issues from the perspective of a filmmaker who has been deeply involved in the events unfolding in Egypt since January 2011. The issues in question concern the creative input of translators and the extent of their ownership of a work to which they have contributed voluntary labour,

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A Wish Not to Betray: Some Thoughts on Writing and Translating Revolution

Wiam El-Tamami For a long time I was afraid and unwilling to write about the revolution, struggling with the impossibility of translating the immensity, intensity, and sometimes absurdity of the upheaval — within us and without — into words that make sense, that can convey something of the experience without reducing its unfathomability. What does it mean to write without

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